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I created an function app with Python to trigger an openai functionality using Microsoft document Create a Python function using Visual Studio Code – Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn . after created the app

Configured my environment and added the functionality

Then Install all required components

  • pip install openai
  • pip install python-dotenv
  • pip install openai==0.28
  • pip install langchain==0.0.316
  • pip install azure-identity
  • pip install azure-cognitiveservices-vision-customvision
  • pip install azure
  • pip install azure-storage
  • pip install
  • pip install –upgrade azure-storage
  • pip install

The start in local F1 Azurite:start and execute using F5 – It is created an localhost URL and working fine

Then deployed the app – Azure Function Deployment Successful but Triggers are not synchronized to Azure. No HTTP triggers found.

tried many blog post and Microsoft answers no luck.

After 2 days of debugging, I discovered the root cause for this issue and found that requirements.txt file not updated.


While creating or build the App, requirements.txt not generated with the dependencies, not even says about the issue. While executing locally It was referencing a package that I had installed locally, but that package was not listed in requirements.txt automatically. It is not report that any issues involving while deploying or thrown in the terminal, and simply cause none of the triggers to be picked up on.

Then found the solution, that all dependencies should available with version details in requirements.txt file.

Go to Terminal and move to your project folder

pip freeze > requirements.txt

and you will see that the requirements file gets added

The image above shows the dependencies you can work with along with their versions.

Then deploy and test the http trigger, refer below and see the output.

Hope this fixed your issue.