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Copilot Preview access from your tenant for Power Apps

Using Copilot you can build an PowerApps, including the data behind it, by simply describing what you need and iterating on the result through AI conversation. Your apps will have copilot-powered experiences built in from the first screen — so that you can discover insights in conversation instead of mouse clicks.

Steps to follow

  1. Create a trial US Region environment
  2. Add Dataverse (without Dataverse we can’t using copilot)
  3. Go to and select the newly created environment
  4. Start Creating an app

Go to and create a trial environment with United statues region and include data verse. Then add security group.

Click Save and create a new US environment.

Go to and select the newly created environment

now you able to see new look and feel

Start creating a App

Type “Create an app for manage accounts”

Click the arrow mark, it will create a new data source and automatically select accounts table here. you can change your own table or create new table

Click create app and It will create an app automatically

After created you can see below look and feel with proper alignment.

I hope now you able to access copilot for power apps

next post will share how to add copilot chat component in our power apps

Thank you – let me know incase of any clarifications