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SharePoint Hub Sites

SharePoint Hub Sites new feature published on March 8, 2018 and I got it in my Office 365 tenant.

Still you are not getting the feature in your tenant, please verify the release options in Office 365 Admin and change to “Targeted release for everyone”. To setup Standard or Targeted release click here

What is SharePoint Hub Sites?

SharePoint sites are the building blocks of the mobile and intelligent intranet. SharePoint hub sites bring together related sites to roll up news and activity, and to create cohesion with shared navigation and look-and-feel. A hub site can have both team sites and communication sites associated under it.

Microsoft is launched hub sites feature to pull multiple communications and team sites together. You can easily set related sites with shared look and feel, shared global navigation, scoped search and news and activates.

Hub Sites Features

  1. Add a consistent look and feel across all associated sites
  2. Cross Navigation across all associated sites
  3. Same Logo across all associated sites
  4. Scoped Search – If you search within the hub site, it will search all the associated sites.
  5. Common News, Images, and activities across all associated sites

How to Create, associate, and dissociate Hub Sites

Step 1: Create Hub Site

  • You must be a SharePoint administrator in Office 365 to create SharePoint hub sites
  • Create a New Team or Communication Site.
  • In this demo I have created a Communication Site “Topic” Site Design
  • Hub Site Name : SPHubSite

  • Click Finish to create the site.
  • Now the Site is ready, We need to make the site as Hub Site
  • To Make the site as Hub Site, we need Power Shell scripts.
    • Download and install the SharePoint Online Management Shell. If you already have a previous version of the shell installed, uninstall it first and then install the latest version.

To Connect the SharePoint Online Management Shell

[code language=”powershell”]

PS C:\Windows\system32> connect-SPOService -Url


It will prompt user credentials, give the credentials and connect to SharePoint admin site.

Register the Site as Hub Site

[code language=”powershell”]

PS C:\Windows\system32> Register-SPOHubSite -Site


  • Now the Hub Site is Ready

  • You can see a new Top Navigation above the site navigation.
  • Now you can add/edit menus/links.
  • Click “Add link” to add navigation

  • You can edit, Remove and make the link as sub menu

  • Now I added all demo navigation

  • Click Save and get the Hub menu’s

Step 2: Change the look/Theme for the Hub Site based on your organization color

  • Go to settings –> Change the look

  • Select the color as per your organization or create a custom Theme.

Step 3:To Change the Hub Site Logo

  • Go to –> Settings –> Hub Site Settings
  • Click Hub Settings

  • Change the Hub logo and Display Name

  • It will reflect in the menu

  • Now we have a Hub Site with Navigation, Logo and Theme.

Step 3: Associating a site under a hub site

  • Create the Site for demo(Team or Communication Site)
  • For demo I have created “MySite” –
  • Go to –> Settings –> Site Information
  • Select the Hub Site “SPHubSite” from the Hub Site association drop down list .

  • Save and it will apply the Hub Site Cross site Navigation, logo and Theme.
  • Associate hub site using Powershell

[code language=”powershell”]

Add-SPOHubSiteAssociation `


  • See the output below

  • To re associate the hub site from the Site
  • Go to –> Settings –> Site Information
  • Select “None” in Hub Site association drop down list and Save it
  • It will remove the Navigation and logo, but it will not restore the original theme. we need to manually change the Theme/look and feel.

Mobile View

SharePoint Hub site cmdlets

  • The following cmdlets are available for managing hub sites from PowerShell:



Add-SPOHubSiteAssociation Adds a new association between a site and a hub site.
Remove-SPOHubSiteAssociation Removes an association between a site and a hub site.
Get-SPOHubSite Lists hub sites or hub site information.
Grant-SPOHubSiteRights Grants rights to users or security groups to access the hub site.
Register-SPOHubSite Enables the hub site feature on a site to make it a hub site.
Revoke-SPOHubSiteRights Revokes rights for specified principals to a hub site.
Set-SPOHubSite Sets the hub site information such as name, logo, and description.
Unregister-SPOHubSite Disables the hub site feature on a site.


  • Microsoft recommend selecting a communication site, or a team site that uses the new template. If you use a classic team site, the hub navigation will appear only on modern pages, and hub site settings will only appear on modern pages. Sites that are already associated to another hub can’t be converted to a hub site.
  • You can create up to 50 hub sites for an organization. There is no limit on the number of sites that can be associated with a hub site.
  • Hub sites aren’t available if you set up SharePoint Multi-Geo for your organization.
  • When users associate their sites with a hub, it doesn’t impact the permissions of either the hub site or the associated sites. It’s important to make sure all users you allow to associate sites to the hub have permission to the hub.

I hope you found this helpful, If you need more help comment below…