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A free way to connect all of your cloud services — including Slack, GitHub, Twitter, SharePoint, Office 365, and Google Drive together with flow.

You can have your Dropbox files automatically copied to a OneDrive account. You can have your Tweets saved to a spreadsheet.  user can create flows to move data from one data to another.

Also use flow for all workflow services…

To set up a connection to access your web services, files, or cloud-based data to put them to work in your flow. As of now flow preview support 34 services –

New Flow Creation Steps (Create a simple email notification workflow using flow)

  1. Register with your email id, it is free.
  2. Select the blank template or browse template to create flow.flow1
  3. Browser template, we have lot of templates to start easily.flow2
  4. I have selected “Send me an email when a new file is added in SharePoint Online” templateflow3
  5. Click use this templateflow4
  6. Add new connection with you user name for all three items (SharePoint Online, Office 365 Users, Office 365 Outlook).#
  7. Click continueflow5
  8. configure your library and emailflow6
  9. if you want more actions or condition add itfklow67
  10. Then create a flow, Click Create flow button flow7
  11. Flow createdfllow8
  12. When ever user add a new item in the library it will send a new email to my id.
  13. I uploaded  a new image, it set a notification to me, see picture.flow10

Flow appears to be a more user-friendly and not required technical knowledge.

Good luck.