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Nowadays most of the customer looking for an answer to choose with two products from microsoft for content management system (WCMS)

SharePoint – Microsoft SharePoint is one of the hottest software products in Microsoft history with its inception in 1999 as an extension in the html editing tool, FrontPage, Designer…

Sitecore Sitecore was release in 2005 and is 100% focused on the customer experience and digital marketing of its web content management (WCM) system across all channels.

“Comparing Sitecore and SharePoint is like comparing a dog to a horse” by Asia Matos.

The Benefits of SharePoint The Benefits of Sitecore
  • Document management
  • Collaboration
  • Internal portals focusing on collaboration and sharing With Yammer, internal portals focusing on social collaboration
  • Known MS Office interface
  • Already available or deployed in most organizations
  • Microsoft Exchange, Lync, Office integration (SSO, AD)
  • Simple out of the box workflow capability
  • Spans outside of WCMS. Search, BI, social, document and record management, collaboration
  • Simple non-dynamic web sites
  • Integration capabilities are rich
  • SharePoint has dash-boarding and reporting capabilities that are stronger than Sitecore.
  • SharePoint is designed for you to build applications on it
  • Full feature parity Cloud (Hosted) options include public clouds of Azure, AWS, and private clouds of Rackspace and
  • Single focus on WCMS and customer intelligence and engagement
  • Simple to reuse content
    Simple to reuse presentation templates and components
  • Integrates extremely well with existing marketing software
  • Right message, right channel, right time
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Fully customizable
  • Top enterprise grade Security and Support
  • Has great Documentation
  • Multilingual
  • Works with databases (SQL & MongoDB)
  • Powerful Tools (xDB, XP, EXM)
  • Native targeting and personalization within the user experience
  • Sitecore is meant to gear your website towards a goal
  • Available on public clouds of Azure and AWS
  • Partial feature parity is available on public clouds of Azure and AWS.  Full feature Cloud (Hosting) parity is available on private dedicated hosting clouds of Rackspace and


  • SharePoint – SharePoint is licensed for the installation, and then per user
  • Sitecore – Sitecore licensing is significantly more expensive initially, but there aren’t any costs per user


If you’re looking to build a public internet site on the Microsoft platform, choose Sitecore. otherwise SharePoint is the best platform, Since SharePoint is that it has a bigger community than Sitecore, and talent is easier to find. There are more user groups, conferences, and all-day showdowns for SharePoint. Sitecore has a decent following, but developers, architects, and subject matter experts are harder to find.