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After publish the workflow in development environment, we need to move the SP designer workflows to UAT and Production. How to move the workflows use as a feature in SharePoint 2013.

Step 1 – First Deploy the List or Library Templates in New site collection. Verify the List/Library if you have Lookup columns. Everything working fine then

Step2 – Save the workflow as template using “Save as Template” button on the ribbon bar.


It will generate our Solution .wsp file and save it in the “Site Assets” document library on the current site.


Eg: https://<Website>/sites/<sitecollection>/SiteAssets/Forms/AllItems.aspx

siteassetsStep 3: Download the wsp file and upload it to the new site collection (UAT or Production) where we want to move the workflow to.

Step 4: Then navigate to the Solutions gallery and upload the .wsp file. Go to Site settings –> Solutions –> under Web designer galleries


Step 5: Then finally we have to activate the solution.

Step 6: After Activate, we need to Activate the feature in the site collection.

Goto –> Site Settings –> Manage Site features – under Site Actions –> check the name of the Workflow name. It will able to find in the bottom of the features list.


That it, The workflow will work for your list automatically. Make sure the list name on both site collection should be same. other wise it won’t associate the list with the workflow.

I have used in both Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 on premises.

Good luck…