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SharePoint REST/ODATA API‘Tasks’)/Items?$select=Title&$filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins’ and Status ne ‘Open’

SharePoint REST API Syndax Example Syndax
$select $select=Title,Author
asc &$orderby=Title asc
desc &$orderby=Title desc
$filter $filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins 05’
$expand $select=Title,Products/Name&$expand=Products/Name
$top items?$top=10
datetime $filter=Created ge datetime’2015-04-01T00:00:00′
guid _api/web/lists(‘4eff143c-0b29-420a-93fb-ed33a1efb934’)/Items
and Title eq ‘Jenkins’ and Status ne ‘Open’
or Title eq ‘Jenkins’ or Status ne ‘Open’
lt $filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins 05’ and age lt 5
le $filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins 05’ and age le 6
gt $filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins 05’ and age gt 5
ge $filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins 05’ and age ge 6
eq $filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins 05’ and TaskOutcome ne ‘open’
ne $filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins 05’ and TaskOutcome ne ‘open’
startsWith $filter=Title eq ‘Jenkins 05′ and startswith(TaskOutcome,’Analysis’)
substringof $select=Title&$filter=substringof(‘Jenkins’,Title)
null $select=Title&$filter=DateIssue ne null

Date time functions do not work in SharePoint 2013

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