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For Example:

I have a Infopath form with 5 views.
The user enter data in first view and Submit the data, it should Submit data and move to second view. Then enter data for Second view and Submit it. this time the user close the form.
Next time they open the same form,it should show the thrid view for enter data, (Normally its opens the first view).


In this form i have a text field called: View and I gave him the default value = 1.

In every view i have a button that uses rules and one of the rules is to use a Data Connection to submit the form to a document library and advance the view field in 1. meaning, If I am in view 1 then I set View field to 2.

Then i use the form 1 then switch to view 1, if view = 2 then switch to view 2

same way u use for view 3, view 4 and view 5…

Now its open the Infopath with Last closed view.

Good luck


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