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I volunteer to speak at SharePoint Saturdays and SharePoint User Group’s covering topics on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 Technologies. You can access the links to my session information, slides and upcoming speaking engagements.

Speaking Engagements

 Events  Date & Location Session

22 Oct 2019

KualaLumpur, Malasiya

Building Apps for MicrosoftTeams

19 Oct 2019


Building Apps for MicrosoftTeams

12 Oct 2019

Chennai, India

Bots, Adaptive Cards, Task Module, Message Extensions in Microsoft Teams

22 Jun 2019

Chennai, India

Use your Web Skills and the Microsoft Graph to build Apps for Microsoft Teams

22 May 2019

Mumbai, India

Demo :  Microsoft 365 Project Online Demo Station 4 and Microsoft Teams Demo Station 3

27 Apr 2019

Chennai, India

Building Apps using Azure for Microsoft Teams

09 Mar 2019

Hyderabad, India

How to overcome common team collaboration challenges using MS Teams

09 Feb 2019

Chennai, India

Bring together SPFx Solutions in SharePoint and MS Teams

05 Jan 2019

Coimbatore, India

Building SPFx solutions using Docker 

24 Nov 2018

Oslo, Norway

Implementing SharePoint Hub Sites on Office 365

10 Nov 2018

Leicester, United Kingdom

SPFx Team based development using Docker

16,17 and 18 Oct 2018

Paris, France

Implementing SharePoint Hub Sites on Office 365

01 Sep 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

SPFx Team based Development using Docker

30, 31 Jul 2018 and 1 Aug 2018

Seattle, United States

SharePoint Dev Kitchen

 16 June 2018

Warsaw, Poland

Introduction to SharePoint Hub Sites on Office 365 

 09 June 2018

Madrid, Spain

Introduction to SharePoint Hub Sites on Office 365 

 09 Sep 2017

Cambridge, UK

Volunteer at SPS SQL Saturday