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In Sharepoint by defualt 7 permission levels 1. Full Control 2. Design 3. Manage Hierarchy 4. Approve 5. Contribute 6. Restricted Read 7. View Only But its not have Add, Edit and View permission in single Level. [Contribute […]

Why SSP in MOSS 2007?

SSP – Shared Services Provider  MOSS 2007 architecture is very similar to SharePoint 2003 in some ways but different in a few crucial areas. MOSS 2007 adopts a typical 3-tier model with web servers at the […]

  Using this below Web Services, Easier way to populate all information to your Webparts or Windows Applications. Administration Service – http:///_vti_adm/admin.asmx Alerts Service – http:///_vti_bin/alerts.asmx Document Workspace Service – http:///_vti_bin/dws.asmx Forms Service – http:///_vti_bin/forms.asmx Imaging Service – http:///_vti_bin/imaging.asmx List Data […]

Introduction The architecture of site definitions of sharepoint 2003 is completely different from MOSS 2007 Site Definition due to introduction of Site Features. Site Definition and Site Template are Similar. Site Template is easy to create and deploy. […]

  Overview (Overview -REF-MSDN) Features are a major enhancement to the template framework of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). Features allow you to test, deploy, and activate custom functionality inside Office SharePoint Server 2007 […]

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