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It is time to put your intranet in your pocket. Starting Yesterday, SharePoint steps into the mobile-first world and it’s just the beginning. The SharePoint mobile app for iOS is now in the Apple App Store (, […]

A free way to connect all of your cloud services — including Slack, GitHub, Twitter, SharePoint, Office 365, and Google Drive together with flow. You can have your Dropbox files automatically copied to a OneDrive account. […]

Nowadays most of the customer looking for an answer to choose with two products from microsoft for content management system (WCMS) SharePoint – Microsoft SharePoint is one of the hottest software products in Microsoft history with its […]

SharePoint 2016 improved lot in Hybrid Hybrid in SharePoint Server 2016 enables you to integrate your on-premises farm with Office 365 productivity experiences, allowing you to adopt the cloud at your own pace. Followed sites […]

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