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While Edit the Office files in SharePoint, if you receive below errors

  1. The file is corrupt and cannot be openedfilecorrupt
  2. The URL for this file is too long for the application.  A temporary copy of this file will be opened on your computer.  You must save this copy as a new file.URL
If we calculate the total URL length of the uploaded document, it is more than 260 characters, SharePoint didn’t throw any error or warning message while uploading documents to the folders. When users are trying to edit the same document by clicking on document link or edit using Microsoft Office Word/Excel in drop down menu, we get below warning messages.

Open in excel

Same file working fine in Chrome…


SharePoint has 260 characters restriction/limitation for edit operation, shortening the file length will fix.

Always calculate the full URL, if you are planning to edit the document or excel some time later…

Good luck