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Durable Links

Resource-based URLs now retain links when documents are renamed or moved in SharePoint.

Durable Links is new and different but not a SP2016 feature. You’ll actually need Office Online Server or Office Web Apps 2013 installed on another box for this to work. we typically have this when installing SharePoint On-Premises so customers should benefit from Durable Links anyway. It works as described meaning your URLs to documents will always work, good idea.

After enabling Durable Links feature, we’ll see that the file now has a query parameter to the document:

If I move the document to the Durablemove library, it now becomes:

if I change the name of the file with new name:

if I enter a random URL http://instillcloud/myfile.docx?d=g9cfff9eefc734f16992c477382ad7710 on the same Site Collection with the d= guid, then The file continues to work with the original url http://instillcloud/site1/Shared%20Documents/DurableTest.docx?d=g9cfff9eefc734f16992c477382ad7710