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SharePoint Designer has a limitation when trying to implement a workflow action to send an email to multiple users based from lookup list from a people picker control that accepts more than one user.  By default the email action will only email to the first user and will not detect multiple users.

We have a workaround using Dynamic String workflow action in on-premises environment, but for Office 365 no luck.

After analysis I have find a workaround to solve the issue.


Step 1

  1. Create a lookup list Example department
    • Columns
      • Title (by default) – Single line of text
      • Users – Person or Group
      • Emails – Multiple lines of text

      hidden the Emails column (go to content type and set the column as hidden)

  2. Create a SharePoint designer Workflow
    • Start Workflow automatically when an item is created
    • Also Start Workflow automatically when an item is changed

Workflow Stage 1

Set Emails to current Item: Users – refer image



The workflow will get all users email ids and add in the Emails column delimiter as semicolon.

Step 2

  • Create a custom list to get the email ids and send email
  • Create a lookup column ex: analysis and refer department list, Allow multiple values


  • Then Create a SharePoint designer workflow

The workflow have below steps


Get the email ids from group lookup column from inside the loop


This workaround will now allow multiple emails to be sent by a SharePoint Designer workflow to all users defined by a single people picker field that allows multiple users with out Visual Studio or CSOM/JSON

Good luck