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Microsoft Introducing the newly announced Visual Studio 2015 product editions, including the all-new Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN, Visual Studio Professional with MSDN, and the free Visual Studio Community edition – coming later this year.

  • Tools and services for projects of any size or complexity
  • C#, Visual Basic, F#, C++, Python, Node.js and HTML/JavaScript
  • Build for iOS, Android, Windows devices, Windows Server or Linux
  • Advanced debugging, profiling, automated and manual testing
  • DevOps with automated deployments and continuous monitoring

Download Visual Studio 2015 CTP – or try using Azure Virtual Machines


New Features

  • Custom Window Layout
    • Visual Studio 2015 Preview enables you to save up to 10 custom window layouts and quickly switch between them. This walkthrough shows how to create, save, invoke, and manage custom layouts that take advantage of multiple monitors with both docked and floating tool windows. The steps below assume you have a basic familiarity with Visual Studio.


  • Touch Gestures
    • CTP supports touch for scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, tap-and-hold for context menus, double-tap for word selection, and line selection by tapping in the margin.
  • Team Activities
    • In previous versions of Visual Studio, CodeLens indicators were available for only C# and Visual Basic files. In Visual Studio 2015 CTP6, CodeLens now shows team indicators for C++, JavaScript, and SQL files. These indicators automatically appear whenever you open a file versioned in a Git repository. While the CodeLens indicators for C# and Visual Basic files are shown at the code element (method, field, or class) level, the new CodeLens indicators for C++, SQL, and JavaScript are shown at the file level. They are positioned in between the horizontal scrollbar and the zoom control in the editor.
  • Branches – Create and Manage both Local and romote branches

You can organize your branches hierarchically by specifying a prefix:Local branches and remote branches (including those you have not created locally) are shown separately in a tree view.


  •  Qucik Actions
    • Light Bulb
    • Colored Syntax
    • Suggestions
    • Corrections


  • Live Static Code Analysis
    • Import NuGet Analysis Package
    • Compiler as a service
    • Errors/Warnings in code time


  • Code Lens Activity View
  • Refactoring
    • Rename – Rename is a refactoring feature in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) that provides an easy way to rename identifiers for code symbols such as fields, local variables, methods, namespaces, properties, and types. Rename can be used to change the names in comments and in strings and to change the declarations and calls of an identifier.


    • Inline Variable – In Visual Studio 2015 there are two new refactorings introduced. That is Explaining Variable and Inline Temporary Variable. This augments an existing set offered  for C#, like Rename, Extract Method and Encapsulate Field. To apply a refactoring, move the editor caret and select a relevant piece of code. This should display a lightbulb with the relevant refactoring actions available to you. Alternatively, you can right-click in the editor and choose “Quick Actions” from the context menu.


  • Finally Web Development
    • ASP.NET 5.0
    • MVC 6.0


    • wwwroot
    • Web API Merged with UI
    • Componentized
    • Cross-Paltform – We have got everything you need to create great apps for devices or desktop apps, for the web and in the cloud. Write code for iOS, Android, and Windows in one IDE. Get great IntelliSense, easy code navigation, fast builds, and quick deployment. Visual Studio increases your productivity and makes it easy to do your work alone or as part of a larger team.