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In SharePoint document library there is an option in action menu i.e “open in Windows Explorer”,When we click this one we can see all the documents in a window explorer,where we can drag and drop the documents for the document library.

But in case of a SharePoint generic list we don’t have this option.

To implement this functionality.

For this follow below Steps

1. Add a Content Editor WebPart in your page

2. Add below scripts

.httpFolder {behavior: url(#default#httpFolder);}
function fnOpenFolderView() {
oDAV.navigateFrame(“<update URL for the list see below for Example>“, “_self”);

<div id = “oDAV” class = “httpFolder”/>

<input type = “button” value = “Open Folder View” onclick =”fnOpenFolderView()”/>

3. Update the URL

Example URL


http://<Domain Name>/Lists/<List Name>/Attachments

Here we can drag and drop the documents to save as attachment for the list Item.

Sure its Helps

ScreenShots for Your reference

Button Display in the Page

Click Open Floder View

Open the Folder

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