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from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010



    • Deprecated


  • Features
    removed from SharePoint Server 2010



The following features are shipped with SharePoint Server
2010 but will be removed from subsequent versions.


    • Stsadm command-line tool


    • Site Directory feature


    • Scorecard export to Reporting Services


  • Business Data Catalog

command-line tool


The Stsadm command-line tool has been
Reason for change: The Stsadm command-line tool
will be superseded by Windows PowerShell 2.0.
The Stsadm command-line tool is included to support compatibility
with previous product versions. You should use Windows PowerShell 2.0 when
performing command-line administrative tasks.


Site Directory


The Site Directory provides a list of links to all sites
within a site collection.
Reason for change: This functionality will be
replaced by the social features of the User Profile
Migration path: Use the Tags and Notes feature to
search on any tag that has been entered into the system and see the sites
associated with it, as well as other tags and notes that are associated with
that site. For a more structured approach to lists of links, every site
collection comes with the ability to create lists of links, and workflows so
that editorial control can be defined. A script or timer job can create and
update a custom links list, or you can staple a feature to the Create Site
Collection page in Central Administration.


Scorecard export
to Reporting Services


SharePoint Server 2010 no longer supports exporting a
scorecard to SQL Server Reporting Services.
Reason for change:
This functionality had a low adoption rate.


Business Data


In Office SharePoint Server 2007, external data was
integrated into solutions by using the Business Data Catalog, which was a shared
service in the context of the Shared Service Provider
Reason for change: In SharePoint Server 2010,
external data is integrated into solutions using the new Business Data
Connectivity service, which no longer runs in the context of the Shared Service
Provider framework and instead fits into the new shared services framework of
SharePoint Server 2010.
Migration path: The Business Data
Connectivity service object model is not backward compatible with the object
model used in the Business Data Catalog. To support the upward compatibility of
Office SharePoint Server 2007 Business Data Catalog solutions with SharePoint
Server 2010, an additional service, the Application Registry Service, is
available in SharePoint Server 2010 that supports the object model used in the
Business Data Catalog. We recommend that new solution development not be done on
the Application Registry Service, which is provided only to guarantee upward
compatibility of 2007 Microsoft Office system solutions.


removed from SharePoint Server 2010



The following features and functionality are no longer
available in SharePoint Server 2010.


    • 32-bit operating systems


    • Side-by-side installation


    • Gradual upgrade


    • Office Web Components


    • Web discussions


    • SQL Server 2000 data sources


    • ODBC data sources


    • Version 3 themes


    • Storage Management page


    • Web bot software agents


    • E-mail enabled groups and Microsoft SharePoint Directory
      Management service (DMS)


    • Permissions for sub-webs


    • Shared Services Provider (SSP)


    • Internationalized domain names


    • Site directory template


    • News portal template


  • Collaboration portal template

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