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MOSS frequent Development Issues and Fix

1.     The file or folder name contains characters that are not permitted.  Please use a different name.

Ans: Check the Master page URL, Once again pick the Master page URL

2.     Cannot complete this action. Please try again.

Ans: CAML Query Error, Check with your CAML Syntax

3.     An error occurred during the processing of /default.aspx. Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls.

Ans: Check your Code is outside the content page or not

4.     An unexpected error has occurred. Web Parts Maintenance Page: If you have permission, you can use this page to temporarily close Web Parts or remove personal settings. For more information, contact your site administrator.

Ans: Web part or User Control .Net code Error, Check with your code and Handle using try catch  with Response object

catch (Exception ex)




5.     Edit DispForm.aspx, NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx from Browser.

Ans: Add &Toolpaneview=2 in Query string

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