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Have you tried to drop a SharePoint month calendar on the home page of your SharePoint site? The result… not so cute: the calendar eats up half of the screen.

In this post I am going to show how with the help of CSS you can shrink your SharePoint calendar and make it fit in the right column of a SharePoint page. The picture shows you the expected result.

So let’s start by dropping on our right column a monthly view of the calendar and a hidden Content Editor Web Part. In the source editor of the CEWP, paste the code below:
<style type=”text/css”>

/* Remove week blocks */
.ms-cal-weekempty {display:none;}
.ms-cal-week {display:none;}
.ms-cal-weekB {display:none;}
.ms-cal-weekB {display:none;}
/* Shrink cells */
.ms-cal-workitem2B {display:none;}
.ms-cal-noworkitem2B {display:none;}
.ms-cal-nodataBtm2 {display:none;}
.ms-cal-todayitem2B {display:none;}
.ms-cal-workitem {font-size:0px;}
.ms-cal-muworkitem {font-size:0px;}
.ms-cal-noworkitem {font-size:0px;}
.ms-cal-nodataMid {font-size:0px;}
.ms-cal-todayitem {font-size:0px;}
/* thin out header */
span#ExpandAllId {display:none;}
span#CollapseAllId {display:none;}
a#dayTabLinkId {display:none;}
a#weekTabLinkId {display:none;}
.ms-cal-navheader {padding:0px;spacing:0px;}
.ms-calheader IMG {width:15px;}
/* Abbreviate weekdays */
.ms-cal-weekday {letter-spacing:6px; width:22px; overflow: hidden;}


It will helps…

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