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Activate the Form

  1. Upload the form in Central Administration
  2. Activate the form
  3. Add it in the Form Library in which site you want to use

Upload the Form in Central Adminitration

  • Go to the Central Administration.
  • Click Application managerment
  • Upload Form template under Infopath Form Services
  • Browse and Select your published xsn file (see soluion 2)
  • If you wanty verify – Click verify and confirm it.
  • Check the checkbox – upgrade the form  template if its already exists
  • Click upload button to upload the form template
  • Once upload its display this message –
    The form template has been successfully uploaded to the farm. To make the form template available in a site collection, activate the form template from the Manage Form Templates page or from the feature activation page in the site collection.

Activate the uploaded form

  • Select the Form and Click Activate to Site Collection
  • Select the site collection(web site) and Click ok

Add it in the Form Library in which site you want to use

  • Open your Site Ex: Ex:http://pc000295:28300/Form1/Forms/AllItems.aspx
  • Settings –> Form Library Settings
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Select “Diplay as Web page” under “Opening browser-enabled document”
  • Click Ok
  • Click Add from existing site content types under Content types
  • Select the Content type (your Form)

  • Add the form and Click ok
  • Then Create your form like this below image.

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